Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It amazes me about ICOC members who are turned off by the so called "conspiracy theories".

The bible is for teaching, preaching, learning, discipling and rebuking. It is also to prepare us for Satan''s wrath.

There are no regrets on joining the church from 1997-2001 and no regrets on leaving. Had I stayed, I know for sure I woud be doing all the above, except preparing myself for the last days on earth.

It is not for us to wait until the last minute to be prepared. Faith without deeds is dead (James 2:20)

Sharing your faith, having bible studies, and baptizing is not the end. Has this really been understood.

Read the letter that Henry Kriete wrote years ago and I have sat down physically with a memberor two of ICOC recently (last year to be exact) and I still see Pharisees before me. Even on here. As if I am invading them. They quote scriptures and leave it at that.

Those members talk about Revelations like it is far off from now, just to be preached at the wicked and/or those who do not attend ICOC or fell-away.

After reading this note, some may feel defensive or sorry for me. Am not looking for sympathy or empathy. This letter is to get your attention some how. To affect you to move, shout do something to let our brothers and sisters in Christ to wake up.


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