Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Upgrade? Why?

Blue Ray DVD, why is it here? All broadcast going digital, why?

Just to upgrade? They want to be able to see in your homes. The ones without cable are being forced to accept digital which starts next year. Why? Again, please watch the movie Fahrenheit 451. They want to be able to control you. They will be able to do this once they get the microchip in you without you even knowing it. Please consider downsizing to regualr tv if you must have it and use it only for dvd's (regular not blue ray) and/ or vhs. Or consider ditching the tv.

The Kindle Reader , Border's E-Book, Sony's Reader, Nook

Why must we upgrade, everytime it's available? Are they trying to ease us off the regular books? They say it's to save trees. Which is good, right? Will they eventually rid us of regular books? Who can afford the $300+ electronic book? Why must we depend on technology for everything? Remember the movie "The Matrix"? Technolgy took over the human race because we got lazy and solely relyed on them to do our thinking. After revisiting the movie Fahrenheit 451, I just can't accept that is the real reason. Are they trying to dissuade us from reading the truth? If they do this with bibles as well (in which they will ban it) , hoiw much would you have to memorize before they try to distort the truth? Would you be able to not panic and would you be able to function normally without technology? Just a thought to pass along. Never trust what they say.


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