Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bible Trivia

Did you know that Joseph and the Egyptians mourned for the lost of Joseph's father for 70 days straight? Read about it in Genesis 50 (KJV)

Take your time to mourn.  It is not selfish.  In fact it is respectful and shows honor and love to the dear one you lost.  Also, allow others to comfort you and then spend time alone like Joseph did to mourn alone (Well, not alone, God will be there to comfort you).

Senior Citizen Gives Birth to Twins
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Seventy-year-old gives birth to twins 

Sixty-Six-Year-Old gives births to triplets.

Did you know that Mary's (the mother of Jesus) cousin Elisabeth was 57 years old when she gave birth to John the Baptist?  Read about it in Luke 1 (KJV)

Women in Africa have babies all the way up into their late seventies....Amazing? No. GMO and toxins can cause infertility and stop the menstruating cycle early.


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